Financial Aid & Scholarships

All students interested in financial assistance should complete the following:

Completing the above forms by their (priority) deadlines will ensure students are considered for all possible forms of assistance. Spring deadlines apply to the following Fall semester (for example, February 15th is the deadline for financial assistance beginning in the following Fall semester).

All three forms must be submitted every academic year for which a student wishes to receive assistance.

Types of Financial Assistance

FundingHourly EmploymentResearch EmploymentScholarships


For Undergraduate Students
For Graduate Students
For Postdoctoral Fellows

Hourly Employment

Work Study

How to locate a work study job

Student Hourly Positions

Student Jobs at the University of Utah

Off-Campus Student Positions

Visit Career Services to find off-campus internships and student hourly positions.

Research Employment

Most student research positions in the ECE Department are reserved for graduate students who pursue the Ph.D. track or M.S. thesis track. However, some ECE professors and labs employ undergraduate students as either research assistants or teaching assistants.

More about TA and RA positions

The John and Maria Price College of Engineering and the University of Utah also offer research programs that have financial assistance benefits:

Engineering Scholars Program (ESP)
Undergraduate Research Program

Scholarships and Fellowships

Please visit the John and Maria Price College of Engineering Scholarships page to see all department- and college-level scholarships available to ECE students.

See here for additional scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

Students must complete the FAFSA, the U-Form, and the PCE scholarship application to be fully considered for all available scholarships and fellowships within the department and college.