Microwave Devices Lab

Courses Using this Lab


ECE 3300 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics

ECE 5320 Microwave Engineering I

ECE 5324 Antenna Theory and Design


Overview of Lab Equipment

For classes in microwave device design and characterization, microstripline circuits, and microwave circuit analysis.

Equipment includes: HP 85070M Dielectric Probe, HP 8720C Network Analyzer, Agilent’s ADS software, HP 8720D Network Analyzer, Agilent E4404B ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer and E4438C Vector Signal Generator. There are various stations with a PC and software for controlling the instruments. The PCs are connected to the department network.

Some experiments require equipment beyond that mounted in the benches; this equipment may be checked out from a well-equipped stockroom. The Microwave lab is located in room 2275 of MEB.


AWR Microwave Office software

AWR Microwave Office software

How to setup AWR Microwave Office software

  1. Use ‘Jeff Walling’ for University Professor field, and then you will need some way to bind the license to a PC. I use my disk ID, but you can also use your mac address. The license is sent by email, and the software can be downloaded from their website.


CST software

CST Software

How to run CST at the University of Utah:

  1. CST is installed in the ECE PC lab. You can use it there without any special information.
  2. To run it on your own computer, first, install the current CST CD on your PC. CDs are available through Dr. Furse or Marvin Match. Install it with the License: license.eng.utah.edu port 27030. Then Login using remote access.

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Remote Access Information

To setup remote access with the license server for CST software, first establish a connection via VPN.

If you already set up CST 2011, then you’re good to go. If not:

  1. Install CST 2011. The new license does not work with older versions of CST.
  2. When it asks you for license information enter:
    • Server: license.eng.utah.edu
    • Port: 27030

Note: the license server is no longer automatic.


Equipment Resources

AEA 20/20 Time Domain Reflectometer


HP 85070M Dielectric Probe

Calibration – PDF DOC
Data Sheet
User’s Manual

HP 8720C Network Analyzer

1 Port Calibration – PDF DOC
ADS Data Capture Tutorial
Operating Manual

HP 8720D Network Analyzer

2 Port Calibration – PDF DOC
Data Sheet

Agilent E4404B ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer

Calibration – PDF DOC
Data Sheet

Agilent E4438C Vector Signal Generator

Calibration – PDF DOC
Data Sheet

Other Tutorials

Automated Design System (ADS)
NEC Software Tutorial (pdf)
NEC Software Example Files
XFDTD Format transfer
Agilent EEsof Student License Program