It’s no secret; men and women are different (shocking, we know) and as a result, communicate differently. This can obviously lead to miscommunication and problems in the workplace. That’s why the College of Engineering is having a free live video streaming event over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The useful video Talking 9-5: Women and Men in the Workplace examines those differences and how each can work to understand the other better.

This program depicts real-life work conversations that illustrate the different ways each sex communicates. Linguistics expert Dr. Deborah Tannen explains these differences in detail, as well as the reasons behind the differences.

In this video, participants are shown how to adapt to a wide variety of communication styles, strengthen communication through a positive, non-blaming approach, and utilize everyone’s input to generate exceptional ideas. By showing how to take gender differences into consideration, this forward-thinking video ensures that all people feel heard and respected.

Link is live 11/26/20 to 11/30/20 ­