After two and a half years of training at the University of Utah postdoctoral researcher, Kyeong Heon Kim joins Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology in South Korea as an assistant professor.

Also known as Noah, Kim worked in professor Hanseup Kim’s lab on the development of state-of-the-art microsensor technology and ultra-low power sensor networks.

Microsensors are predominantly used for measuring pressure, force, acceleration and chemical parameters and are a vital part of the automotive industry. Ultra-low-power sensors are also opening up new possibilities in environmental monitors, household appliances, health trackers and more.

“It was such a wonderful journey to be able to work in one of the most famous [micro-electromechanical system] research groups and with such dedicated researchers, here at the University of Utah. I truly learned a lot and met with so many great people here,” Noah said. “I will miss Utah a lot.”

Congratulations and good luck to Noah! We cannot wait to see the wonderful work he will continue to do throughout his career.