University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Cynthia Furse has been selected as one of the new Distinguished Lecturers of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) for 2021-2023. As a Distinguished Lecturer, Furse is available to give presentations to any IEEE group, general group, and educators on a variety of topics.

Due to the pandemic, her lectures will only be held virtually until further notice. For more information about Furse and the IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecturer Program, click here. To request a presentation, contact Cynthia Furse at

The topics include:

For Engineers:

    The History and Future of Implantable Antennas

    Arcs and Sparks: Finding Faults on Aging Electrical Wiring

    Entrepreneurship: Turning Ideas into Reality

For a General Audience:

    Bioelectronics and the Bionic Age: How Electronics Touch Our Hearts and Minds

    The Power of Change

    Getting an “A” in Life / The Power of Failure: Getting it Right by Getting it Wrong

    Engineering Tomorrow’s World Today

For K-12 Teachers:

    Teaching the World Changers

For Faculty:

    A Busy Professor’s Guide to Sanely HyFlex Flipping Your Class / Innovations in Electromagnetic Education

She is also available to talk about topics related to the Utah Electromagnetics Lab.

Furse is a Fellow of the IEEE and the National Academy of Inventors. Her research interests are in the application of electromagnetics to sensing and communication in complex lossy scattering media such as the human body, geophysical prospecting, ionospheric plasma, and complex wiring networks. She is a founder of LiveWire Innovation, Inc., a spin-off company commercializing devices to locate intermittent faults on live wires. She has taught electromagnetics, wireless communication, computational electromagnetics, microwave engineering, antenna design, introductory electrical engineering, and engineering entrepreneurship and has been a leader in the development of the flipped classroom.