University of Utah electrical and computer engineering student Prashanth Gopalan has been selected as the winner of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Student Award.

This award, presented to Gopalan at the 62nd Electronic Materials Conference, was based on the uncertainty analysis in his work included a write-up explaining how he performed error analysis and the importance of his work.

Gopalan’s work focuses on reporting the values of physical quantities (permittivity tensor in Ga203). The Ga203 is a highly anisotropic material that exhibits different constitutive properties along different materials.

“These properties are essential for being able to understand how the material behaves. Prashanth’s work by means of experimentally reporting on what is this tensor will enable accurate simulation and design of electronic devices in this material.  This is an emerging material that is expected to have important applications for instance in power electronics,” said University of Utah electrical and computer engineering associate professor and Gopalan’s advisor, Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez.

In addition to the NIST Student Award Gopalan’s journal paper was selected as Editor’s pick by Applied Physics Letters.

“This talks a lot about the importance of Prashanth’s work, and makes me extremely proud of being his advisor,” Sensale-Rodriguez said.

Read Gopalan’s highly regarded paper here.