Electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. student, Evan Benoit, a graduate research assistant in the Electromagnetics Research Lab, is biking approximately 2,500 miles along the Continental Divide. He began his trip in Roosville, British Columbia, on June 10 and will finish at the US-Mexico border in the coming weeks. 

With the support of his friends and family, Benoit planned this trip to celebrate his nearing graduation from the electrical engineering program in December 2021. He enjoys the mental and physical challenges that long-distance biking provides and sees opportunities to implement his engineering training all around him.   

“Being an engineer is all about problem-solving. You have a solution you need to get to and a set of bounds to operate within. That is very similar to what is happening to me out here on a daily basis,” Benoit said. “If anything breaks along the way I have to come up with a solution using what I have in front of me.”  

Benoit began training and collecting the necessary gear for this trip almost two years ago. He rides between 60 and 100 miles per day, stopping along the way to sightsee, clean up in an occasional hotel, and grab a bite to eat with fellow bikers. View photos from his trip below.