Congratulations to this year’s winners of the University of Utah College of Engineering Teaching and Staff Awards, given to those for outstanding work in the college this last year. Below are the awards received by staff from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

The recipients represent all of the hardworking and dedicated faculty and staff in the college. The awards were announced during the annual fall faculty meeting Friday, Aug. 20, presided over by Dean Richard B. Brown.

Following is the list of recipients along with comments from some of the colleagues and students who nominated them. To see a full list of recipients and their awards click here.

COE Outstanding Technical Staff

Mel Parkes, Lab & Program Manager

 “Mel has been a pillar of the laboratory operations in our department for more years than I can count. Every single student in our department has at one point or another received support from him, be it through access and support for laboratory equipment in classes, to support for their student projects. He is what makes our teaching and clinic laboratories work and is so committed to us providing the best possible boundary conditions to our students – and the faculty who teach them.”

COE Outstanding Staff

Holly Cox, Administrative Manager

This was in honor of the administrative managers for each of the college’s engineering departments and their tireless efforts to keep their respective departments running efficiently, especially during the pandemic.