Professor Cynthia Furse

University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Cynthia Furse was recently a guest on the academic podcast for STEM students, educators and researchers called This Academic Life. Furse has mentored more than 175 students throughout her career, and in the episode, she offers her perspective on all things related to undergraduate research

In the Interview, Furse describes the benefits of undergraduate research for all students, whether they intend to work in academia or not, the application and selection process for undergraduate research programs and her expectations of the students she mentors. 

“Research can help you find your place in the professional world, find your own place in your scientific mind and sometimes find your passions,” Furse said. 

Furse explains that research is an excellent addition to any student’s resume because it showcases their written and published work. It also demonstrates their ability to contribute to a team, and they can establish personal relationships with faculty who can provide a meaningful letter of recommendation for their future opportunities.  

If you are a student curious about undergraduate research and wonder if it is right for you, this interview is an excellent resource. You can find Episode 16: Exploring Undergraduate Research featuring professor Furse wherever you listen to podcasts or at the video below.