As the semester comes to a close, classrooms throughout the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering celebrate student achievements. Last week, ECE 2280: Fundamentals of Engineering Electronics, taught by Professor Angela Rasmussen, opened its doors to fellow students and faculty to showcase its student’s end-of-semester projects. 

Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their projects, ask questions about each other’s work and offer feedback. The projects are a culmination of the concepts they have learned throughout the semester and intended to cultivate original and innovative ideas. One student example used their newfound skills to create a single-string electric guitar using a transmitter and receiver, while another developed a light-sensitive audio visualizer on an LED strip.  

ECE 2280 provides students with the fundamental knowledge of electronic circuit and device concepts necessary to understand analog integrated circuits. Students learn to become better problem solvers while practicing microelectronic circuit analysis and design as well as frequency response analysis, including magnitude and phase response. By the end of the course, students understand signals and frequencies, can identify characteristics of nonlinear devices and are efficient at using electronic simulation software.  

Congratulations to all of our ECE students on the hours of study and hard work they have completed to finish the semester. Your exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. We hope you all enjoy a safe and well-deserved holiday break. See below to view photos from the showcase.