Assistant Professor Tsung-Wei Huang

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Tsung-Wei Huang has received a highly competitive three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to continue developing his novel programming system, Taskflow.

Huang’s lab began working on Taskflow in 2019 as a tool to be used by researchers facing the challenges of designing, implementing and deploying parallel algorithms on heterogeneous nodes. He now aims to expand the research around Taskflow and drive improvements in the system’s core functionality with new model transpilation infrastructure.

“Initially, we began this project with the intention of solving a specific problem. Now that we’ve done that, we want to improve the Taskflow system itself,” Huang said. “This grant will allow us to develop a more intelligent method for improving the system’s performance using machine learning and AI techniques.”

The $488,675 grant will enable Huang to support two new Ph.D. students to work in his lab for three years beginning fall 2022. Learn more about the project and apply by visiting Huang’s Lab.