Rajesh Menon

  • Phone: 801-585-1058
  • Email: rmenon@eng.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2256

Optics and nanotechnology: absorbance modulation optical lithography, patterning via optical saturable transitions, optical nanoscopy, and ultra-high frequency solar energy via a nanostructured polychromatic concentrator

Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez

  • Phone: 801-585-5657
  • Email: berardi.sensale@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2134

EM and optics: terahertz technology, high frequency electronics, two dimensional materials, active metamaterials, plasmonics, and nanophotonics

Steve Blair

  • Phone: 801-585-6157
  • Email: blair@ece.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 3236

Optics and photonics: physics and applications of resonance phenomena and linear and nonlinear optical phenomena, specifically; resonance enhancement in fluorescence-based molecular transduction, kinetics of bi-molecular interactions, microfabricated optical biosensor array systems, design of periodic and aperiodic systems of artificial resonators, and plasmonics-nanophotonic systems based on metallic structures