Heayoung Yoon

  • Phone: 801-585-0334
  • Email: heayoung.yoon@utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2136

Solar energy conversion, NanoEngineering: Engineering micro/nanomaterials to enhance device performance and functionality in the fields of solar energy conversion, advanced nanoelectronics, and 3D hybrid imaging at nanoscale

Mike Scarpulla

  • Phone: 801-585-1231
  • Email: scarpulla@eng.utah.edu
  • Office: MEB 2138

Semiconductors and photovoltaics: earth-abundant, benign compound semiconductors for thin film photovoltaics such as Cu2ZnSnS4. Other sulfide semiconductors for PV, light management for thin film PV, CIGS, laser processing of semiconductors, and the physics of semiconductor alloys and transition metal and rare earth additions to semiconductors.

Hanseup Kim

  • Phone: 801-587-9497
  • Email: hanseup.kim@utah.edu
  • Office: SMBB 3709

Biological nano- and micro-systems in moving fluids for medical applications including micro- pumps and valves. System integration in robotics and energy harvesting for micro- robots, actuators, hydraulics, energy harvesting systems, and manufacturing technology