Graduate Power and Control

Power engineering covers three complementary areas of electrical engineering:

  • power transmission and distribution systems
  • energy conversion
  • power electronics

The job market is booming for graduates in electric power engineering. The workforce in the electric power sector is aging and the industry faces massive retirements, yet many power engineering programs in the U.S. have been phased out. In addition, new opportunities are exploding thanks to developments in power electronics. Exciting new applications include electric cars, (more) electric aircraft and ships, renewable energy, and data centers.

Power & Control Faculty and Research

Suggested Courses and Programs of Study

The following are suggested Programs of Study for a full-time Electrical Engineering graduate student pursuing an MS degree with an emphasis in Power & Control. It is not required that students follow these course schedules, but they can be used as a guide for planning out their graduate studies.

These Programs of Study meets the requirements for the Coursework option and can easily be modified to meet the Project option. Students who wish to complete the Thesis option will need to take 10+ credit hours of ECE 6970 Thesis Research are recommended to meet with the Graduate Student Coordinator to create their academic plan.

As long as the MS degree requirements are met, any 5000-level or above ECE or allied (Math, Physics, CS, or other Engineering) courses may be substituted.

Non-Thesis Supervisory Committee

Marc Bodson

Modeling, identification, and control, with applications to aerospace and electromechanical systems

Mostafa Ardakani

Power and energy systems: electricity markets, energy economics, energy policy, power and energy systems, power system optimization, smart grid, transmission networks.

John Palmer

Power System Protection: cause and origin analysis of electrical accidents, electrical equipment failures, electrical fires, structural fires, vehicle fires, and explosions

Industry Partners