Policy Handbook for Undergraduate Programs

About the ECE Policy Handbook for ECE Undergraduate Programs

The ECE Policy Handbook (‘Handbook’) for Undergraduate Programs contains the various departmental policies and codes by which students are expected to abide as a student in one of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s (‘Department’) programs. It is not intended to be an exclusive list of policies, and general common sense and ethical behavior is expected from all students in relation to courses, course material, staff, faculty, and fellow students.

Policies in the Handbook are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Announcements of changes to policies in the Handbook will be distributed via the Canvas LMS, and students are responsible for knowing and understanding all Department policies.

Policy Handbook

1.0.0: Challenging Courses2.0.0: Student Conduct3.0.0: Class Repeats4.0.0: Withdrawal Procedure5.0.0: Exceptions to Policy6.0.0: Permission Codes7.0.0: Probationary Status8.0.0: Grading
Students are classified with ‘probationary status’ when any of the following situations occur:
  1. A student is admitted to the major conditionally
  2. A student’s cumulative GPA, technical GPA, or both GPAs drops below the requisite 2.50

Students shall receive one (1) notification of probationary status at the beginning, as well as one (1) reminder notification during the probation period.

7.2.0 TERMS OF probationary status

Students placed on probationary status shall have twelve (12) months to increase both their technical and cumulative GPAs above the requisite 2.50. Twelve (12) months results in a student being authorized to take classes during three semesters, a Fall, a Spring, and a Summer semester, in order to increase their/her/his GPAs. 

Students are recommended to meet with an advisor to make an appropriate plan to succeeed.

Failure to meet the terms of probationary status will result in the student’s dismissal from the program. The program reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time due to failure in meeting the terms of probationary status.
The Department will notify the student in writing of their/her/his dismissal from one of the ECE programs.
  1. All ECE, CS, and other major-required courses must be completed with a letter grade. Classes graded as CR or NC must be repeated.
  2. Grades are assigned at the discretion of the professor. The Department and Advisors are not able to change grades for students, but may facilitate appeals involving faculty if a Student feels an awarded grade is inaccurate.