Lab Video Description Faculty
Christensen Lab Fiberoptic and guided wave sensors Douglas Christensen
Weilu Gao Research Lab Lab Video Photonic and Optoelectronic Materials, Devices, and Systems Weilu Gao
Optical Nanotechnologies Lab Lab Video Optical Nanotechnologies Rajesh Menon
Schurig Lab Near-field imaging, biological imaging, and invisibility cloaking David Schurig


Lab Video Description Faculty
Blair Lab Lab Video Application of optics/photonics to problems in biology and medicine Steve Blair
Scarpulla Research Lab Optoelectronic characterization of thin film photovoltiacs/devices Mike Scarpulla
Terahertz Optoelectronics Research Group Applied electromagnetics, electronic & optoelectronic devices and materials Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez
NanoEngineering Lab Nanostructures for broadband light-matter interactions Heayoung Yoon


Steve Blair

Optics and photonics: physics and applications of resonance phenomena and linear and nonlinear optical phenomena, specifically; resonance enhancement in fluorescence-based molecular transduction, kinetics of bi-molecular interactions, microfabricated optical biosensor array systems, design of periodic and aperiodic systems of artificial resonators, and plasmonics-nanophotonic systems based on metallic structures

Douglas Christensen

Fiberoptic and guided-wave sensors, especially those applicable to biomedical sensing, such as fluorescent immunosensors; numerical modeling of optical devices using finite-difference time-domain techniques, and ultrasound bioinstrumentation.

Weilu Gao

Photonics, optoelectronics, nanomaterials, and nanostructures

Sriram Krishnamoorthy

Semiconductors-based nanoscale electronic/optoelectronic devices, with focus on material synthesis, electronic transport, design/modeling, nanoscale fabrication, and characterization of devices and materials. Specifically, wide band gap oxide/nitride semiconductor devices for a wide range of applications such as power electronics, ultra-violet optoelectronics, vacuum electronics, and high temperature electronics

Rajesh Menon

Optics and nanotechnology: absorbance modulation optical lithography, patterning via optical saturable transitions, optical nanoscopy, and ultra-high frequency solar energy via a nanostructured polychromatic concentrator

Mike Scarpulla

Semiconductors and photovoltaics: earth-abundant, benign compound semiconductors for thin film photovoltaics such as Cu2ZnSnS4. Other sulfide semiconductors for PV, light management for thin film PV, CIGS, laser processing of semiconductors, and the physics of semiconductor alloys and transition metal and rare earth additions to semiconductors.

David Schurig

Metamaterials: Design, analysis and fabrication of metamaterials in frequency ranges from megahertz to petahertz. Transformation design of devices implementable with metamaterials. Applications include: remote sensing, near-field imaging, biological imaging, implantable devices, electro-mechanical devices and invisibility cloaking.

Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez

EM and optics: terahertz technology, high frequency electronics, two dimensional materials, active metamaterials, plasmonics, and nanophotonics

Gerald Stringfellow

Advanced materials and microelectronics: ceramics, advanced materials, microelectronics, and a broad range of topics related to materials science and electronics

Heayoung Yoon

Solar energy conversion, NanoEngineering: Engineering micro/nanomaterials to enhance device performance and functionality in the fields of solar energy conversion, advanced nanoelectronics, and 3D hybrid imaging at nanoscale