Benefits to Sponsors

If you want to have a team of five talented senior-level engineering students working diligently on your research project, contact us for more information on sponsoring an Engineering Clinic Program project.

Like Internships, only better

Top 10 benefits of sponsoring an Engineering Clinic Program project:

  1. Find future employees. A clinic team is a year-round recruiting tool. Sponsoring a project annually means you have an ongoing pipeline of future fulltime employees recruited from Utah’s flagship institution of higher education.
  2. Test-drive the talent. Why worry about whether a new employee can gel with your current team or your company’s way of doing things? You can accurately assess your team members informally during their participation on your project.
  3. Attend campus events. Clinic sponsors can present seminars to students, attend on-campus student presentations, and enjoy having an ally on campus.
  4. Increase productivity. Take your side projects off the back burner and let a student team give you an extra set of hands to accomplish more creative tasks.
  5. Enhance perspective. New, young people bring with them novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets. Imagine what having five students work on your project can do for jump-starting the creative process.
  6. Take advantage of faculty advisers. Each team is assigned a faculty adviser with interests in the research field. The adviser will contribute their personal insight, experience, and supervision to your student team.
  7. Give back to the community. You rely on community support to do business in the greater Salt Lake City area. Sponsoring student programs on campus is an excellent way to give back locally and pay it forward to the next generation of engineers.
  8. Support students. Student participants on your team will get both tangible benefits (scholarship support, research funds, graduation requirement fulfillment) and intangible benefits (work experience, skill development, professional connections).
  9. Receive comprehensive final reports. Students will deliver their final results in the late spring semester of their senior year. Sponsors are invited to participate in the open house. They also receive a copy of the final report.
  10. Benefit your small business. When looking for fulltime work, top students are often recruited by big-name engineering companies. But for senior research projects, learning is the leading draw. Many students are attracted to the more hands-on projects and mentoring opportunities with smaller organizations. Form a relationship with students before they even begin looking for post-graduation employment to ensure that you can recruit the best.

Now you know the “why”. See our guidelines and instructions to find the who, what, when, and how of sponsoring your project.