Submission of Research Proposals

New for Fall 2011 Semester: The College of Engineering is moving to the new eProposal tool, an automated system for creating and submitting Document Summary Sheets (DSS).

From Eric G. Eddings, Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering:

The new eProposal system for creating and submitting a Document Summary Sheet (DSS) should be fully functional for all departments within the College of Engineering at this point.

However, in order to use the new eProposal system you MUST log in using the following link:

Because the College of Engineering is the only unit on campus using the new system at this time (we are piloting the system), you CANNOT access the new system through the normal eProposal link in the Campus Information System (CIS). That link still takes you to the old system (which still works for creating the older-version DSS files, which are used by the rest of campus).

It is perfectly acceptable to use the old system if you prefer, but it will not automatically contact individuals in your department/college approval chain. If you use the old system (through the CIS eProposal link), you will need to forward the PDF version of your DSS and associated files through your normal e-mail approval chain, as we have been doing in recent years.

If you use the new eProposal system (accessed only through the link above), the system will automatically contact the appropriate individuals in the approval chain established by your departmental/school/institute administrator. The new eProposal site has a different look to it, so it should be clear that you have accessed the new system.

One additional note: Please remember to include a brief summary of your project and a summary budget to facilitate evaluation/approval of your proposal.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact Vicki Jensen in the Dean’s Office (


Eric G. Eddings