What is Solid State / MEMS ?

As electronics become more and more advanced, they have become smaller and smaller.  We have engineers working on designing the tiniest building blocks possible for modern circuitry in our nanofab (nanofabrication lab).  We have machines that can create structures only nanometers in length.  The engineers wear “bunny” suits and other protective gear while working in a special clean room to keep dust and other particulates from contaminating their materials.

Nanofab Lab
Student holding silicon wafer

 Solid state devices encompasses the science of making electronic components and circuitry on semiconductor materials, like silicon wafers.


MEMS stands for micro-electro-mechanical systems and our MEMS engineers are building micro-sensors, micro-actuators, and micro-systems on silicon wafers.


Course Numbering System x2xx = Micro/Nanosystems

3200 Intro to Semiconductor Device Physics is a foundation course for this area.

Class Non-yearly Options
PHYS 2710 Physics III (includes Quantum)
5201 Physics of Nano-Electronic Devices IVC, Online
5231/6231 Microsensors
5255 Advanced Electron Microscopy for Semiconductor Materials and Devices
5074 Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Hybrid
5221/6221 Micromachining
6226 Electrical Interface for MEMS odd years
6273 Solid State Memory

Class Non-yearly Options
5233/6233 Micro Actuators
5250/6250 Intro to Quantum Computers Hybrid
5960/6960 Biomedical Micro Devices
5225 Microsystems Design & Characterization
5960/6960 Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NEMS) odd years

Sample 4 Year Plan