Yu-Lin Hsu
Kaden Powell

Electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant, Yu-Lin Hsu, was recently awarded for his research poster at the 2021 International Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) Conference. He co-authored the winning poster, “Simulated Energy Distribution of Electron-beams Irradiated on Metal-Halide Perovskite Solar Cells,” with fellow M.S. student Kaden Powell and ECE associate professor Heayoung Yoon

Hsu’s project investigates the microstructural stability of perovskite solar cells using a localized electron-beam probe. His poster addresses e-beam energy distribution in metal-halide perovskite solar cells.

Associate Professor Heayoung Yoon

Perovskite solar cells have recently become a promising alternative to mainstream solar cells because of their potential for high performance and low production costs. Several challenges must still be addressed, however, before they can become a competitive commercial technology. 

We are trying to understand the physical mechanisms responsible for degradation of perovskite solar cells and to mitigate the drawbacks to improve their reliability,” Hsu said. “E-beam probes are increasingly used for investigating local properties of a wide range of solar cells. This research provides a useful tool tvisualize an e-beam energy distribution in perovskites.” 

Powell, who first initiated this work, developed the MATLAB code for this project before his graduation in May 2021. Hsu utilized Powell’s script to continue to develop the research and further investigate the interaction between the e-beam and perovskite solar cells. Their work will help increase the lifespan of perovskite solar cells and their efficiency over time.  

Review their winning poster below.