Assistant Professor Tsung-Wei Huang

Electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Tsung-Wei Huang has received a $10,000 grant from the nonprofit NumFocus to develop his programming system Taskflow. Taskflow is a general-purpose parallel and heterogeneous task programming system that enables users to write parallel programs with high performance and productivity.

NumFocus serves as a fiscal sponsor and organizer of community-driven educational programs for open-source projects. Its goal is to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing. Taskflow joined NumFocus as an affiliated project earlier this year. 

Huang applied for this small development grant to help improve his system’s usability, grow its community of users, and accelerate its progress. This grant will support his lab in refining the project and providing meaningful and relevant experiences to its users. 

“This grant will allow us to focus on a different scope of our work. We will be able to develop a more mature prototype by investing in the user experience,” Huang said. 

Students who work on this project will have the opportunity to explore a different domain of work. They will also  gain hands-on development experience including, aspects of design, implementation, usability and function.  

To find out more about this project and apply, visit Huang’s lab.