Professor Cynthia Furse

University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Cynthia Furse was selected to serve on the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the IEEE. The Proceedings of the IEEE is one of the most influential, leading journals providing information to engineers everywhere, including in-depth reviews, surveys, and tutorial coverage. The Proceedings covers all significant technical developments in electronics, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science. 

The journal seeks to offer applications-oriented resources beyond what is traditionally found in other journals to provide a broader technical perspective to the research community and specialists from other areas looking to quickly catch up on the latest and most promising advances in areas outside of their expertise. 

“I’m excited about this opportunity because of its potential for high impact. It will allow me to help identify research that is important to people and help disseminate it in an accessible way for both professionals and application experts,” said Furse. “I am also looking forward to meeting other board members, who are senior professionals from various areas of electrical and computer engineering, and to the exposure it will give me to up-and-coming ideas and technologies.”

Furse will serve on the Proceedings Editorial Board for three years, contributing to the selection and stat-of-the-art coverage of emerging areas of interest and other current hot topics. To serve on the Editorial Board is a distinctive honor, offered only to IEEE Fellows or IEEE Senior members who have served as recent Guest Editors of an issue of the Proceedings. 

Furse is a Fellow of the IEEE and the National Academy of Inventors. Her research interests are in the application of electromagnetics to sensing and communication in complex lossy scattering media such as the human body, geophysical prospecting, ionospheric plasma, and complex wiring networks. Furse is especially passionate about integrating these concepts with other disciplines such as medicine, aerospace, and renewable energies to find innovative solutions to society’s challenges.   

To make a topic suggestion for the board to consider, contact Furse directly through her lab website.