University of Utah Financial Aid* offers various forms of tuition and living assistance.

  • Grants are financial aid that do not need to be repaid.
  • Loans are student aid funds that you must repay with interest.
  • Federal Work Study is a form of financial aid for students with need. Once students are granted the work-study award through the Financial Aid office they may then apply to any job classified as a work-study position listed in on-campus jobs


*Note: Graduate students are not eligible for grants and International students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid or merit scholarships administered by the University of Utah Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Click here if you are an international student, to see what types of employment and funding resources you are eligible to apply for.


Most of these options have opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. As some of the opportunities below require proof of financial need, all applicants with a Social Security Number are encouraged to complete the FAFSA.

College of Engineering Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students in each program of study.

Other Engineering Scholarships – These scholarships are available to and compiled for students in the John and Marcia College of Engineering but are not administered through the College.

College of Engineering Contact
WEB 1650

College of Engineering
Engineering Fellowships and additional Scholarships – Fellowship awards may provide funding for tuition, living expenses, travel, and other items.  Further, earning such awards helps to increase your competitiveness for follow-on fellowships, scholarships, and awards, and will also help your future applications for employment stand out.

College of Engineering Fellowships Office Contact
Hari Sundar
MEB 3454

The Graduate School
Fellowships and Scholarships – are available to graduate students and can offer substantial amounts of money, tuition benefits, and subsidized health insurance.

Awards – are monetary awards for submitted papers, master’s thesis, and doctoral dissertations.

The Graduate School Contact
Matthew Plooster
PARK 302

 Tuition Reimbursement – Many companies hiring engineers offer various forms of tuition reimbursement (some up to $5k-$20k a year) for students working to receive graduate degrees. If you are currently employed in an engineering role or receiving job offers, ask if this benefit is available to you.

Additional Graduate Student Funding Options

WRC Scholarships – Although these scholarships are part of the Women’s Resource Center, there are several that are available to students of all gender identities.

Women’s Resource Center

Alumni Scholarships – Available both for students who have had at least one grandparent/parent who graduated from the University of Utah as well as for first-generation college students or for those from an underrepresented student population.

Eccles Alumni House
Cassie Timpson

University Scholarships – No matter whether you an incoming freshman, transfer student, current student, or UAC student there are scholarships are available. Fill out a FAFSA and apply.

Other scholarship search pages – The University of Utah does not specifically endorse any of the private services listed; however, we do encourage students to use them.

University Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
SSB 105

Additional Questions?

One of our program contacts will happily answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

John Bolke

Phone: 801-581-6943


Office: MEB 2110D