ECE Teaching Assistants (TAs) are needed for many ECE classes. Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.

ECE Student Assistantships – Graduate students interested in assignments such as teaching assistant, research assistant, or graduate assistant should contact their department for application information.

On-Campus jobs offer convenience and have the flexibility to accommodate student schedules.

Work Study* is a form of financial aid for students with need. Once students are granted the work-study award through the Financial Aid office they may then apply to any job classified as a work-study position listed in on-campus jobs (see above)

*Note: International students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid or merit scholarships administered by the University of Utah Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Click here if you are an international student, to see additional information about what types of employment and funding resources you are eligible to apply for.



Office of Undergraduate Research (UROP) provides a $1,200 stipend and educational programming for students who assist with a faculty member’s research or creative project or who carry out a project of their own under the supervision of a faculty member.


Graduate School Awards – monetary awards for submitted papers, master’s thesis, and doctoral dissertations.

Engineering Graduate Fellowships – Fellowship awards may provide funding for tuition, living expenses, travel, and other items.  Further, earning such awards helps to increase your competitiveness for follow-on fellowships, scholarships, and awards, and will also help your future applications for employment stand out.

Graduate Student Fellowshipsare available to graduate students and can offer substantial amounts of money, tuition benefits, and subsidized health insurance.