Combined Bachelor/Master Degree Program


Typical Student Timeline

Junior – fall Semester

CE students enroll in CS 3991 (CE Jr Seminar)

Junior – Spring Semester

EE students enroll in ECE 3900 (EE jr seminar)
Choose a Graduate Advisor and apply for combined status

Senior – Fall Semester

EE-enroll in ECE 4900 (Senior Thesis I), CE-Enroll in CS/ECE 4710 (Senior project)

Undergraduate (+ graduate) coursework
Complete the Combined Degree Program of Study
Form supervisory committee

Senior – Spring Semester

EE-enroll in ECE 4910 (Senior Thesis II)
Undergraduate (+ graduate) coursework
Mid-program progress review (at 122 hours)
Apply for graduate status

Graduate – Fall Semester

Enroll in ECE 6900 (Graduate Seminar)
Graduate coursework
Comprehensive exam (proposal) (MS Thesis option)

Graduate – Spring Semester

Enroll in ECE 6910 (Graduate Seminar)
Graduate coursework
Complete BS requirements
Thesis defense (MS Thesis option)
Course Designation for Final Exam (MS Coursework only option)