1. Complete the BS/MS Application and Degree Plan the summer between your junior and senior year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Graduate Student Coordinator
    2. Email your ECE Undergraduate advisor to inform them of your decision to join the program.
    3. Take time to review the EE/CE Undergraduate Requirements and the ECE MS Handbook.
    4. Meet with the Graduate Student Coordinator to verify your degree plan and will provide approval to enroll in graduate courses during your senior year.
    5. Once admitted to the program, you can enroll in up to 12 credit hours of MS coursework during your undergraduate program. (Students must earn a B grade or higher in all MS courses while in the undergraduate program to maintain BS/MS status)
    6. Apply to the graduate program when undergraduate coursework is completed, do not apply for graduation until completion of your MS degree. Both degrees will be awarded at the same time.

Transfer from undergraduate to graduate status occurs after a minimum of 122 semester credit hours of qualified undergraduate studies and up to 12 credits of approved graduate work have been completed.


  1. Once admitted to the MS program, complete a Request for Graduate Credit in BS/MS Program and submit it to the Graduate Student Coordinator.
  2.  When in graduate status, it is the student’s responsibility to register for their remaining graduate courses. It is important to no longer register for courses as an undergraduate student.
  3.  According to one of the following options, determine your supervisory committee.
        • BS/MS Coursework/Project option: The Committee Chair is chosen by the student and the remaining two members are assigned by the department. The Chair must be a regular ECE faculty member.
        • BS/MS Thesis option: The research advisor will be Chair, and the student chooses the remaining two members.
  4.  Submit the names of your three-member Supervisory Committee and complete your Program of Study. Once approved, you may submit a Request for Graduate Courses through the permission code website.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 2 full-time (9 credit hours) semesters in graduate status. Electrical engineering students must complete 32 credit hours of graduate courses in total and computer engineering students 30 to achieve their masters.


  1. Schedule a meeting with the Graduate Student Coordinator to ensure you have completed all the necessary requirements for the program.
  2. Once you have completed all BS and MS coursework, you can apply for graduation and will receive both degrees simultaneously. You must apply for each degree separately and cannot be awarded your degrees in different semesters. It is the student’s responsibility to make note of undergraduate and graduate graduation deadlines.

Additional Questions?

One of our program contacts will happily answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

John Bolke

Phone: 801-581-6943


Office: MEB 2110D