Combined Bachelor/Master Degree Program

Undergraduate Status

During the first semester of the Program, you must complete a Combined Degree Program of Study.  Your B.S. program of study must be signed by the Undergraduate Advisor and your Master’s Degree program signed by your Supervisory Committee Chair.  This allows you to register for graduate courses in the following semester and to ensure that your proposed plan meets requirements for graduation.  Students must review the EE/CE Undergraduate Handbook and the ECE MS Handbook for degree requirements.  Upon completion of both degree requirements, you will receive both degrees at the next appropriate graduation ceremony. DO NOT apply for graduation for the undergraduate degree until you complete BOTH degrees. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the deadline for the Undergraduate and Graduate Graduation Applications.

Undergraduate status is maintained until the mid-program review; however, students are able to take courses for graduate-level credit at any time. Transfer from undergraduate to graduate status occurs after completion of a minimum of 122 semester credit hours of qualified undergraduate studies and completion of up to 12 semester hours of approved graduate work. Students must be in the program for at least one semester before they may begin the process of applying to the Graduate School. Students are required to have a minimum of two semesters in graduate status.  Admission to the Combined Degree Program guarantees admission to the Graduate School as long as a minimum GPA of 3.3 is maintained, so this step is simply a matter of additional paperwork. Students should be aware that upon admittance to graduate status they will no longer be eligible for undergraduate financial aid or scholarships.  However, they will be eligible for graduate teaching and research assistantships and any tuition benefits that come with the positions.

Before being formally admitted to the Graduate School (and, therefore, obtain the status of a graduate student), the following items need to be fulfilled:

  • Choose a supervisory committee
    • B.S./M.S. Coursework/Project option:  The chair is chosen by the student; the two remaining members are assigned by the department.  The chair of the committee must be a regular ECE faculty member.
    • B.S./M.S. Thesis option:  The research advisor will be Chair and the student chooses the remaining two members
  • Submit a combined degree program of study as stated above.

Application to Graduate Status

To apply to the Graduate School, students must complete the University of Utah Graduate Application online and submit the form along with the University application fee (by check or credit card payment form). Application deadlines are:

  • Fall Semester: January 15
  • Spring Semester: October 1

Upon recommendation by the Director, the Graduate Committee makes a formal recommendation for admission to the Graduate School. Students not progressing to graduate status are dropped from the program and complete their Bachelor’s degree.  After acceptance into graduate status it is the student’s responsibility to register for remaining undergraduate courses under their undergraduate career and graduate courses under their graduate career.

Graduate Status

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of two full-time semesters in graduate status.  Full-time student status is met with the registration of 9 credit hours of graduate level coursework per semester.  In the first semester of graduate status the Request for Graduate Credit in B.S./M.S. Program, the Request for Supervisory Committee, and the Program of Study for the Masters Degree are due to the Graduate Coordinator from all combined degree students.  The due date is the course drop deadline of that semester.  Student must refer to the ECE M.S. handbook for the specific MS option requirements.

Upon successful completion of the combined degree program, both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are awarded simultaneously. Students must apply for graduation to the Registrar’s Office by completing the Undergraduate Application for Graduation for the Bachelor’s degree and the Graduate Application for Graduation for the Master’s degree to be awarded in the appropriate semester. You must satisfy all Department and University requirements for each degree. Coursework may not be applied to more than one degree. Enrollment in a Ph.D. program may not occur until completion of the combined degrees.